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Tips When Selecting A Log Splitter It can be a difficult chore to choose a wood splitter or a log splitter. With so many sizes and types that are available in the market today, how will you exactly know which one is right for you? There are a number of things that should be taken into account when buying a log splitter and these are the type and size of wood you’ll be splitting, how long the wood has been sitting around, how many knots does the wood has and also, what is the thickness of wood. For smaller jobs similar to camping or small amount that’ll be used at home, a small compact model can be ideal. These are offered in electric versions or compact manual. As for the manual splitters, these are perfect for those that are using less than a cord of wood. They’re portable units and approximately 6 to 8 ton but for the electric units and perfect for homeowners who are using less than 1 to 2 cords a year and is available in 4 and 7 ton models. Such units operate quietly and giving off no gas or fumes. If you desire, you can also use a generator. As for homeowners who are working on bigger projects on their plate, they might want to opt for a residential log splitter. These splitters are horizontal vertical 16 ton or horizontal 15 and 16 ton, which is available in gas or electric. For those who have plans to split less than ten cords a year, residential log splitter will probably do its job as this splitter is capable of handling logs that are 24 inches in diameter and 20 inches long without problems. Also, these units are weighing around 300 pounds for vertical horizontal and 250 pounds for the horizontal. And while it is true that it is named as residential splitters, don’t be tricked by its name as it can handle varieties of commercial jobs as well.
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For your needs of working on heavier log splitting jobs and duty woods, you may make use of the heavy duty commercial/residential grade units. These range from 20 and 22 ton horizontal as well as horizontal vertical and have 26 inches log openings.
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Such wood splitter is capable of splitting wide range of woods and could split up logs that have 30 inches in diameter. Also, these units come with slanted wedge design that allows the tip of wedge to penetrate the wood and as a result, allowing bigger logs to be split. These kinds of designs are able to help the log to stay on the rail by pushing it along. To avoid mistakes when buying a log splitter, just follow these tips.